Does Real Estate Slow Down When School Year Starts?

Most people agree that spring and summer are the ideal times to buy or sell a home. With back-to-school time upon us, we wanted to know, does the new school year affect the real estate market overall? Well, many real estate agents report seeing an uptick in the market at the beginning of the school year. One reason for this is that parents have more time on their hands, since they’re not running around with their kids as often as they are in the summer months. Also, next to the summer, moving in the fall is least disruptive to a child’s schooling and social calendar.



For starters, September and October are the time of the year that people start to think about year-end tax benefits. Owning a home can bring significant benefit in terms of tax return dividends. Remember that mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible from your gross income. This makes the fall a good time to make your home purchase.



Even though there may be more listings in the spring, the demand for housing is still very high in the fall. While it is true that there are often many window shoppers in the spring and summer, buyers and sellers are usually very motivated by the time fall comes around. It was also believed that between September and December, the possibility to visit several open houses in a single day is higher and listings tend to be updated more frequently.


Fall Buying Tips

Because of the competition and shorter timetable before the holidays, a buyer can often be tempted to make bids that are out of their range for fear of losing out. Learn the market and what all your options are before jumping into something that you may not be able to realistically afford. No matter the season, make sure you are investing at the best time for you and your family, and be sure that the home fits your needs. As we’ve seen, the fall is actually one of the best times of the year to buy or sell. Yes, the new school year does affect the real estate market, but typically for the better.

Getting ready for school? What are your thoughts on this? Can you share?








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