Things that I am thankful for 2020



Year 2020 came to an end. It hasn’t been a good year. You don’t need to be reminded of that. 2020 brought with it plenty of challenges, However, I hope that we can still find the opportunity to be thankful for the gifts that 2020 has given us. Let me share with you my list.


  •  I built my first apartment rent

Yes, can you believe that? Plus all the  9 units in that apartment are already rented! Giving me another source of passive income this year.  


  •  I have more time with family

Although staying at home has its setbacks for many, I saw it as “window of opportunity” to spend more quality time with my daughters. For the past years, I must admit that I got preoccupied with my job and there are times that I can not spare enough time for my kids. 2020 has given me the chance to slow down and enjoy some moments with my family.  


  •  I got the chance to review my progress and establish new goals

I must admit, when I set our goals for 2020, I did not consider the impact of a global pandemic and economic meltdown. Yet, here we are facing COVID-19. Who would have thought that we would be in this situation like this, right? Because of this, I thought that this is a perfect time to reflect on my priorities and adjust my long-and-short term goals. Without 2020, I probably will never realize that I should consider setting up contingency plans in times like these.    


  •  I’m still healthy and employed.

In a year when so many people became ill or lost their jobs, I’m incredibly fortunate that my family was spared those hardships. I’m grateful for opportunities to help those who did suffer this year, and I pray God uses this pandemic to change our hearts for the better.    

  • I have a new appreciation for what matters. 

I’m grateful to God for quieting my heart this year, cutting back on distractions and helping me realize that He’s given me far more than I’ve ever asked of Him. Faith. Family. Friends. That’s what’s important. The past year was definitely a difficult, trying year. But as we all say, God will never give us something that we can’t do. People often associate the New Year with new beginnings. With that, let’s start 2021 with a grateful heart!


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